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TARGET: F 25-54, health conscious individuals, foodies, cocktail set, pop culture devotees.

GOAL: Introduce TY KU Sake as an alternative to wine and vodka for those who enjoy alcoholic beverages but would like to have something low calorie, gluten and tannin free.  

PROGRAM:  FILTER and TY KU partnered with Bravo TV star Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker, to promote TY KU Sake through a three tier approach:

1)  PRESS - Patti made numerous TV and radio appearances where she was able to incorporate the healthy features and benefits of TY KU into the story of creating her fabulous new figure as well as the romance of sharing.  Patti also served as hostess for various press events where health and lifestyle editors and food editors sipped on TY KU cocktails while Patti talked about the various benefits and great flavors of TY KU.

2)  RETAIL - Patti visited various large distributors as an ambassador for TY KU.  She met with various store managers and buyers and educated them on the features and benefits of TY KU.  TY KU created various POS items featuring Patti to merchandise TY KU in retail.  TY KU and FILTER also set up bottle signings with various accounts where Patti met with fans, signed bottles and talked directly with her fans and store customers about the benefits of TY KU.

3) PRODUCT INTEGRATION - TY KU will be integrated into four separate Millionaire Matchmaker episodes in Q1 of 2013, including the season finale.

RESULT:  TY KU and FILTER raised awareness for TY KU Sake, making TY KU the only sake that many people could ask for by name.  New retail doors were opened, and current customers improved TY KU positioning in their stores and placed larger orders.