CASE STUDY: Dickies Sounds artist support Program

TARGET: Music lovers and tastemakers

GOAL: To bridge the gap between Dickies and music fans by producing exclusive music content for, Dickies Facebook and Dickies Twitter.

PROGRAM: FILTER produced Dickies Sounds to help support the hard working, touring bands while they're on the road.  When it comes down to necessities, food, gas and shelter are extremely important.  FILTER stepped in to provide touring bands with products to help lessen the burden so they can concentrate on what they love doing most.  We invite bands to our LA showroom and set them up with clothes that will be good for on stage and off the stage.  In addition, we set up acoustic performances and interviews that live on, Dickies Facebook and Twitter as additional promotional support for the band and also give their die hard fans a chance to see the band play their songs in a natural, stripped down environment.

RESULTS: Connected musicians directly to Dickies and gifted and produced exclusive content to over 200 bands in less than one year.  Through the strong support from participating bands, over 17 millions impressions to their music fans have been made.

CASE STUDY: Dickies Sounds - artist support program